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try me - 1 small pot (100g)

A detergent washing powder made with only natural products.
It is hypoallergenic and perfect for children and babies’ skins.

Our powder does not have smell as we do not add synthetical perfume to preserve your health.


- Savon de Marseille
blend of olive oil (72%), water and caustic soda made with an authentic French know-how.
- Bicarbonate
It is absolutely natural. It takes away the bad smell from your clothes.
- Percarbonate
It is an antibacterial, fully biodegradable product. It disinfects your clothes and gives them brightness.
- Washing Soda
Composed of salt and chalk. It is a strong natural grease remover. Ash Soda is used to eliminate the most stubborn stains.

With our Because You Care Spoon: 
- Use one spoon for lightly dirty clothes
- Use two spoons for heavy dirty clothes

(If you do not have this perfect spoon at home, you can use a regular tablespoon.)

Where to place the powder?
 Pour the powder directly on your clothes after putting them in the drum. 

6T0 8 washes

The Savon de Marseille is dedicated to ... wash
The Bicarbonate is dedicated to... desodorize
The washing soda is dedicated to... remove the stubborn stains

100% TOXIc-free formula 

gentle to the skin

Plastic-free packaging 

crafted with love in Dubai 

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