At the heart of Because You Care, there is Olivia, a young lady passionate about adding well-being to society and the planet. 

It all started when Olivia wanted to bring meaning to her daily work. So she left her position as an insurance salesperson to embark on an entrepreneurship journey, with a project that has a positive impact on society!

"I wanted to respond to a growing need in the UAE for solutions that take care of the planet and, obviously, the health of our loved ones thanks to a product we use daily: a laundry detergent"

Today, Olivia invests all her energy in bringing awareness to the changes we can make to our daily life to better protect our planet, specifically in Dubai. (Instagram: Resist_forabetterworld)

with because you care, your requirement for a safe and natural washing detergent is finally met! care for the skin and respect of the environment! on top of it, you support a local and sustainability driven start-up.   

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washing soda

Made according to an authentic soap. It is a unique blend of olive oil (72%), water and caustic soda made with an authentic French know-how.

Bicarbonate comes from the evaporation of salted lacs. It is absolutely natural. It takes away the bad smell from your clothes. 

Percarbonate is an antibacterial, fully biodegradable product. It disinfects your clothes and gives them brightness. 

Washing Soda exists in natural form composed of salt and chalk. It is a strong natural grease remover.
Ash Soda is used to eliminate the most stubborn stains.


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4 - I had a great moment with Alexandra @zoomandbloom for the products shooting! 

2 - Marie @inkdropsco is an amazing graphist and web designer who makes my univers alive !

1 - "Start You Up" is an entrepreneur program, it was perfect for me to start my adventure !

3 - Hiba, a brillant lawyer who helped me in drawing up the wording!

5 - Thank you to Catherine @cgsocialmedia for all your support from day 1 !

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